Making A House A Home With A Risby Orangery.

This traditional Risby home is stunning but didn’t quite offer everything the owners were looking for. As is often the case with older style homes, the rooms and layout are not always ideal for the way we want to live in these modern times. Technology has moved on dramatically over the past few decades and although small windows made sense in the days before double glazing and central heating, nowadays we want more light in our spaces. This was certainly true for this Risby family. So they decided to create an everyday room that would be light, bright and connect them to their lovely garden.

Risby Orangery with French Doors

But they wanted more than just a light filled space to sit in. There were practical considerations too. The owners also wanted to add a garage that would allow them to protect their vehicle. The garage needed to sit comfortably alongside the house with all it’s traditional detailing but not be a carbon copy. And this is part of creating a marriage of the traditional beauty of an older home with the desire to live in modern open plan spaces. It’s fine line and each solution or design is dependent on the people it’s provided for.

So when designing the Risby Orangery and garage, we took just a few of the existing features of the original home and used them to provide connection between the three buildings. We took the profile of the windows and replicated them in the Orangery. We took the orange of the brick on the chimney and used it for the base of the Risby Orangery and also for the roof of the garage.

Risby Orangery And Garage

And we took the rendered finish of the original house and used it to connect the garage to the house. Each of the three buildings has it’s own unique personality but there are details on each that link them together. To us this sums up the definition of a successful project.

Not only were we able to design and build a gorgeous Risby Orangery, but because we provide a completely bespoke service, we were also able to build the garage thereby saving a lot of hassle and potential problems for the owners. Having one company to deal with ensured that every part of the project was perfectly aligned, that every detail was thought through and that the build itself was seamless and efficient.

Risby Orangery And Bespoke Garage

And when you see it all together, it’s hard to tell that both the Risby Orangery and the garage are brand new. All three buildings sit perfectly together and give the owners exactly what they were looking for.

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