When you want to add a conservatory or orangery to your home, there’s not always an instantly obvious place to put it. However, there is usually a ‘difficult space’ somewhere around your home or garden that could be transformed into a useful living space that will connect you to your garden.

Many British homes are built at a time when lifestyles were very different from how we want to live today. Garden spaces were largely functional and accesses through a standard door at the back or side of the house.

But if you look around your home, perhaps there’s a space in a corner of an L-shaped building, an unused porch or shaded area of the garden that could be transformed by fitting a conservatory in a difficult space.

The most common conservatory shapes don’t always work in a difficult space, and that’s where we come in. We can design and build a conservatory or orangery that will not only fit in a difficult space but that will give you that extra room you want.

Even seemingly tiny spaces can benefit from a conservatory or orangery to provide that vital link between home and garden. A few square metres of unused and difficult space can be transformed into the perfect spot to enjoy your garden over breakfast or a morning coffee.

Modern conservatories and orangeries are a far cry from the thermally inefficient white PVC versions that are attached to so many British homes. And the beauty of a bespoke conservatory or orangery is that it cannot only be designed to fit a difficult space but also in a colour, style and finish to suit you whatever the style of your home or lifestyle.

Contact us to find out how we can help you add a conservatory or orangery to make the most of your home and garden

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