There’s something quite magical about a garden lighting when the sun goes down. Shadows draw in and create mystical shapes in light and shade. Plants take on an architectural quality and the whole space transforms into a new and wondrous environment.

Lighting your garden is not about bright illumination. It’s about creating drama, creating contrast and enjoying the beauty of nature in it’s purest forms.

Here’s some great ways to use garden lighting to illuminate your spaces.

Solar Lights

Energy efficient solar garden lighting is a perfect way to give your garden a lift. An internal battery is powered by the sun during daylight hours and energy is released as light when the sun goes down. Some fittings do this automatically while others have a manual on/off switch. Perfect for open paths where maximum daylight can be absorbed.

LED Lights

These are a low energy option which can be used in conjunction with solar lights. LED lights use less power than standard halogen or incandescent fitting but you may need more of them to create the impact you’re looking for. These are connected to mains power and can be managed from a switch inside your home if you wish

Plug & Play Lights

To add a bit of temporary lighting to your patio or deck, plug and play lights are the perfect solution. These 12 volt lights use a transformer that can be plugged into a standard power point. The safest way to use these is to have an weatherproof external power point mounted on the outside wall of your home.

Wall Mounted Lights

We often forget about the vertical surfaces in our gardens but mounting garden lighting on walls or fences is a great way to provide ambient light to your garden. There is a wide range of options available so there’s sure to be something that will suit your style

Fairy Garden Lights

Popular at Christmas time, these lights are the perfect way to illuminate a favourite tree. Wind the cord through branches to show off the shape of the tree and turn them on to light up an otherwise darkened corner of your garden.


Used for centuries, candles are still a wonderful way to light your garden. You can place tea lights into glass containers, use citronella candles to ward off mosquitos or put large candles into lanterns to protect from the evening breeze.

Conservatory Lights

When you’re planning a lighting scheme for your garden, don’t forget to include your conservatory or orangery. The wide expanses of glass will reflect your garden lighting and blur the lines between home and garden. If you choose fairy lights for one part of your garden, then purchase some interior ones and string them around the roof of your conservatory.

Add a mirror to double the size of your small space garden

An outdoor mirror mounted in a freestanding frame, on a fence or a wall is a great way to gain the feeling of a larger garden in a small space. Place it so that its visible from inside your home and reflects the best part of your garden. If your garden is on a fence, then place a mirror at right angles or opposite to open up the space.

Turn your conservatory into a garden

A conservatory is the perfect spot to create a garden. Protected from the elements, indoor plants thrive and deliver a spectacular display all year round. Select your plants carefully and set up a watering and care routine to ensure your plants will always look their best.

With some creativity your small space garden can deliver just as much as a large scale one.

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