Do you ever wonder how  you can update your conservatory without having to build an entirely new room?

A conservatory makeover or refurbishment could be the answer you’re looking for.

Whatever the age, style or state of your existing structure there is a way to update your conservatory quickly, easily and with the minimum of disruption. You can completely transform the look and feel of your conservatory by simply replacing the existing windows, doors and roof. 

Modern advances have seen huge changes to the thermal properties of glass. Low e-glass has been specifically designed to keep the summer heat out while allowing the winter warm to trickle through.

Glass or polycarbonate roofs can now be replaced with a solid roof that will update your conservatory and create an inviting space for year round use.

Old, tired and worn frames that are past their use-by date, can be replaced with the latest wooden, uPVC or aluminium windows to suit your home.

There are of course pros and cons when choosing a particular finish so we’ve given you a few things to consider.

Glass Roof

The perfect choice if your conservatory is north facing as it allows for maximum light into your room even on the greyest of winter days. This is particularly important if your conservatory sits where a window would once have been. A glass roof will ensure that natural light continues to flood the room in the main part of the house.

Solid Roof

A solid roof is a good option when your conservatory is south facing as it provides shade from the heat of the summer sun. However, it is vital that you include skylights and artificial lighting to keep the space light and bright in the winter. A solid roof can also impact on the amount of light that enters adjacent rooms so plan carefully.


The framework you choose for your windows will depend on the style of your home and the amount of maintenance you’re prepared to do on an ongoing basis. uPVC and aluminium frames require very little maintenance whereas wooden frames need regular painting to keep them fresh.

In just a few days you can update your conservatory from a tired space that hardly, if ever, gets used to a gorgeous room you can enjoy for years to come

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