Cleaning a conservatory was once a mammoth task! The equipment and time required just to keep the glass clean meant that many conservatories became a white elephant rather than the glorious space they were designed to be. Thankfully technology has come a long way since then.

One of the most exciting and labour reducing pieces of technological wizardry has to be the advent of self cleaning glass!


So how might self cleaning glass benefit you?

  • Save you time and money. The effort to clean your conservatory or orangery is substantial and if you’re unable or unwilling to do the work yourself, there is a cost in bringing in the experts to do it for you.
  • Keeps you safe. Climbing ladders, putting crawl boards in the correct position and over-reaching has caused many accidents. With self cleaning glass you no longer have to climb up to clean your conservatory or orangery roof (do ensure gutters are kept clear of debris)
  • Clean and thermally efficient. Self cleaning glass coating can be combined with other products to produce an efficient, low maintenance glass building that is perfect for year round use

We specify Pilington Activ™self cleaning glass for our conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms for their low maintenance, high performing features. Goodbye dirty and thermally inefficient glass – hello year round comfort and relaxing weekends!

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