Your front door says a lot about your home. In fact, it sets the tone for your entire interior style. Think about it. When you drive (or walk) up to someone’s home, the first thing you see is the front door. After all, its the entry to the house and you’ve got to go through it to meet with the people who live inside.

That front door creates a first impression that builds a picture of what’s inside. Your home might have a fantastic interior and garden but if your front door is sad, tired or dated, nobody will ever know. Creating great kerb appeal begins with the front door!

What’s your style?

Traditional Front Door

Traditional homes deserve a front door that really sets off the architecture!

If you have a traditional cottage then choosing a v-grooved door to give a slightly rustic feel could be the perfect choice. Many cottages have exposed wooden beams and old oak floors so a sleek, shiny front door is not the answer. Instead choose a door that has a low sheen finish in a heritage colour that will compliment and enhance the front of your home for years to come.

If your home is Victorian or Georgian then you can really go to town with your front door style. Choose a panel door in a strong colour such as black, dark green, blue or red to really make your door ‘pop’. High gloss is the perfect finish to give your perfectly proportioned home the kerb appeal that will really draw the eye.

Modern Front Door

Even the most modern or sleek architecturally designed home needs the perfect front door to bring it to life. In fact, the more minimal your home style is, the more important the choice of door is. In many cases, its the only feature in an otherwise simple facarde.

Modern styling requires strong geometric features. Long vertical door handles set onto a door with glass squares or rectangles is the perfect choice to enhance your home.

The Good News

New front doors come in a range of different profiles and finishes and you can choose the one that’s right for you. Low maintenance, solid and secure, your new front door will not only compliment and enhance your home but it will give you peace of mind for years to come. Choose your front door style today!

Give us a call to see how a new front door will add kerb appeal to your home.

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